We are a family

Florèz was founded in Amsterdam in 2017. Its founders, Floris and Angéla, had dreamed of starting their own clothing label and decided to take action. Their fashion-minded way of life propelled them forward and they teamed up with Floris’s uncle Cengiz.

Cengiz has over 40 years of experience in the fashion industry in Istanbul and Amsterdam. He brings much fashion know-how to the table and has his own factory where he produces for a number of top European labels.

His Turkish background was the inspiration to create the Florèz ‘tulip’ logo. It represents the gift of tulip bulbs and seeds that a Turkish sultan once gave to the Dutch King. The Dutch took this small present and turned it into a thriving tulip industry and an eventual ‘Tulip mania.’

Our family bond has been key for us during our entrepreneurial journey. Collaboration between family members creates trust. A loving family bond stimulates creativity. It also brings peace and ignites passion. These feelings are what gave rise to Florèz.


Florèz an authentic Dutch brand

At Florèz we value honesty and ethical behavior. We make clothes we can be proud of. As a fair-trade company, we offer transparency in all our processes. We strive to put a positive ‘feeling’ into our clothing that can be felt by the person wearing it.

Without a doubt, the authenticity that we strive for shines through in every piece of clothing we produce. Its quality, comfort and stylishness make it a pleasure to wear. Our trousers are a perfect fit for the lifestyle of the modern woman.

Fit Your Florèz

We offer a variety of different fits and waists to cater to each woman’s unique style and body type. Our partner stores are pleased to help you find your perfect pair of Florèz trousers.

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